Practice Integration

The CareVantage integration model merges and acquires individual medical practices to increase profitability through management efficiencies, consolidated branding, and increased capitation contracts.

Upon practice integration, CareVantage centralizes practice management, electronic medical records, reduces overhead, increases patient base, negotiates current capitation agreements, provides new capitation agreements, and provides marketing strategies to increase market penetration.

CareVantage Practice Integration allows physicians to maintain control of their practices, while taking advantage of consolidated services to minimize overhead and simplify operations allowing the physician the ability to enjoy more time for patient care. Through practice integration, physicians can also benefit from new revenue streams unavailable to sole practitioners or to improperly structured group practices while time building his/her Medical Practice Value.

CareVantage Understands Your Concerns:

  • Overhead, out of control
  • Billing expenses, on the rise
  • Unable to take a vacation or spend time with family
  • Skyrocketing cost of malpractice insurance
  • Declining Medicare reimbursements
  • Confusion surrounding EMR implementation
  • Hospital admissions are out of control
  • Too much work for too little reward

This is What CareVantage Can Do for Physicians

CareVantage practice integration reduces overhead by consolidating back office costs, specialized billing and record keeping, administrative staffing, quality control, equipment leasing and more.

Simultaneously, CareVantage opens your practice to new sources of revenue to offset declines in professional fees and rising expenses.

CareVantage returns even more of your time to you through group admissions services, minimizing patients’ hospitalization time and effectively eliminating the need for physician inpatient rounds.

With your revenue potential optimized and your administrative workload vastly reduced, you can expect to have more time for your patients, and yourself.

Finally, CareVantage through its marketing and advertising initiatives (including event marketing and promotions) will increase your patient base.

The Benefits of Integration

  • Seamless Integration into a group with shared pride of ownership
  • Reduce Costs and Facilitated Management
  • Increase Revenues and Market Penetration
  • Facilitate transition into new technological advances
  • A partner you can count on with a local presence
  • Long or short term employment, you choose
  • Exit strategy with a greater upside potential