The CareVantage Plan

Our Mission…

Our mission is to offer managed health care providers and all patients the highest quality, most affordable, efficient, complete, and cost effective alternative in health care available today.

In todays complex health insurance environment, among rising health care costs and premiums, CareVantage Plans offer affordable alternatives to health care insurance coverage. Founded on the principal of offering our members unique advantages in health care delivery, quality and access at affordable prices, CareVatnage Plan is rapidly becoming the industry leader in pre-paid plans.

CareVantage Heath Plans were created with the belief that our members would be better served when they have the option in the delivery of the health care coverage in which they seek. CareVantage has accomplished precisely that.


CareVantage, The Right Choice…

The CareVantage MEMBER CHOICE plan allows its members the choice of selecting a health care provider within our large coverage network in South Florida. Members have the option of visiting the Primary Care Physician they have selected or going directly to one of the many Specialists available in our network. Members also have a unique benefit of diagnostic testing without restrictions, as well as, access to most generic prescription medications for only a $4.oo co-payment when enrolled in the CareVantage Plan.

The CareVantage Plan has aligned itself with selected top comprehensive health care centers to offer members a broad range of coverage throughout all of the counties covered by CareVantage. For members wishing to receive high-quality care in a state of the art facility that offers all primary care, diagnostic testing, outpatient and urgent care services, our MEMBER SELECT plan provides it’s members unparalleled convenience and quality care.

Unlike any other plan of its kind, the CareVantage Plan completes the health care paradigm by making additional benefits available to its members, which can be added onto any of the CareVantage Plans. For the first time, any individual or family enrolled in a CareVantage Plan will have the advantage of benefiting from a wide range of coverage at a low, comfortably affordable monthly premium.



Our open access plan is made up of the most Complete network of Primary Care, Specialists, Diagnostic Imaging and Urgent Care centers. It is like no other in the industry!



Our unique medical center access plan utilizes our strategic alliances with independent medical centers to offer members the lowest costs for access to medical care specialists and technology all under one roof.



The Advantage plan offers its members access to both our medical facilities as well as our enhanced network of Specialists that includes Dental, Vision, Primary Care centers and Urgent Care located throughout Dade and Broward counties.